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Used and Rebuilt Parts


We inventory thousands of used parts for your IH Light Truck. If you're looking for specifiic used parts you don't see listed on our site, please call with your inquiry.

  • Body Parts
    • Interior - seats, dash pads, dash panels, interior trim, arm rests, heat and AC units, steering columns
    • Exterior - fenders, hoods, doors, tailgates, inner fenders, bumpers, tops
    • Electrical - wiper motors, headlights, marker lights, turn signals, lenses
  • Engines
    • Intakes, heads, valve covers, oil pans, engine mounts
  • Transmissions
    • Manual, automatic, transfer cases, linkages
  • Drivetrain
    • Axles, wheels, drive shafts, hubs
  • Accessories

Used parts vary in condition and price. Used parts may require additional cleaning, straightening or minor repair. Orders for used parts are filled with the best parts available at the time of the order.

For additional information or availability of used parts not listed here, please call.